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Good Arabic A & B websites

Good Arabic A & B websites

Lesson 1, Orange book, At the house

Lesson 1, Orange book, At the house

Letter to Parents Year 3 - Arabic B

Letter to Parents Year 3 - Arabic B

A good site to learn Arabic, it’s for Non native speakers. 


Easy steps to learn Arabic

30 plays

Lesson 9, Orange Book (تعالوا نتسابق )

Arabic English, useful words

English                                 Pronunciation                                           Arabic

Hi      / Hello                         Marhaba                                                مرحبا


Good morning                         Sabahel Khair                                       صباح الخير


Good evening/Good afternoon       Masaa’el  Khair                                مساء الخير


Good bye                              Maa’esalamah                             مع السلامة


Please                                Men Fadlek/ Laow samaht               من فضلك/ لو سمحت


Thank you                               Shukran                                           شكرا


Yes/ No                                  Na’am / Laa                                        نعم / لا .


How are you?             KeefHalak(M )Keef Halik( F) Keef elhal (M& F)


I’m Very well ( good), thankyou     Ana bikhair, Shukrn                      أنا بخير ، شكرا.


What is your name?                 Ma esmoka(M) Ma esmoki(F)                ما اسمك ؟


My name is …..                           Esmee …..                                          اسمي 

 How old are you?                       Km Omroka (M)  Km Omroki (F)            كم عمرك؟


I am —- years old.                    Omri ——- sanah                          عمري —— سنة.


I am a teacher                      Ana mo’alim (M   )Ana mo’alemah(F)


Where you are from?                Min ayna anta (M)Min ayna ante (F)


I am from——-                         Ana min ——-                                        أنا من 


I am a student                         Ana tlmeeth/(M)Ana tlmeethah/(F)





20 plays

Arabic B, year 7 , lesson 4, Orange Book.

Holiday H.w Arabic B KS3

KS3 Arabic B /winter holiday work.(optional)

Write diaries to describe 4 days of your holiday, use the following verbs

ذهبت ، أكلت ،  شربت ، شاهدت ، رأيت ، سبحت ، جلست

1-    If you don’t know the English meaning for some of the words, copy the Arabic word and paste to Google translate.

2-    Make christmas card (Arabic and English) to a friend or parents use the following phrases.

  Merry Christmas ميلاد مجيد    Milad Majeed

Happy New Year سنة جديدة سعيدة   Sanah Jadeedah Sa’edah

From:  من   

To:      إلى   

Love:    حب  

3-Read the Arabic signs in the roads or Malls, it’s usually written in Arabic and English. This will be useful to add some new Arabic vocabulary during the holiday; write 5 new words that you have learned from the signs around you. Example: street, Malls, reduce speed, stop … etc